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  • 2024-3-13 Chapter Meeting: Budgeting Challenges in Higher Education

    Presenter: Daniel R. Domínguez, Ed.D.


    Preparing budgets in any industry is always a challenging task. Budgeting for Higher education institutions is no exception. Most Public, Private, and Not-for-profit institutions have in common quantifying the challenges posed by changing demographics, society’s perception of the value of a college degree, declining student enrollment, state budget cuts, and even national and state politics. For a budget to be useful, its assumptions must be strategically aligned with the institutions’ vision and mission. A strategic budget is not just a budget; it is management’s strategic plan in action.

    The field of study of this presentation is Accounting (Govmnt) with group live presentation. No prerequisite is required.

    Stay Tune for Upcoming Meeting Presentations: 

    2024-04-10: Your route to profitability


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